Paytm Postpaid MDR Charges is FREE now? Know information

In the past few months, Due to Increase Paytm Postpaid MDR Charges, many people had closed their Paytm postpaid accounts. When shopkeepers became aware of the 3% MDR fees, they started removing Paytm scanners from their stores, which prevented customers from paying with Paytm Postpaid.

Paytm began collecting MDR costs for Paytm Postpaid on February 22, 2023. Every month, the costs were 1.99% of the outstanding sum. However, Paytm hiked the costs to 2.50% in April. This enraged many consumers, who began removing Paytm Business scanners from their establishments and canceling their business accounts.

What is Paytm Postpaid?

Paytm Postpaid is a convenient and flexible pay later credit service offered by Paytm & NBC. It allows eligible customers to make recharges, shopping and online payments abd pay later, without the need for a physical credit card.

MDR Charges

Regarding MDR charges (Merchant Discount Rate), Paytm Postpaid charges MDR fees up to 2.50%. This means that merchants can accept payments through Paytm Postpaid with 2.50%.

Latest Update Paytm Postpaid MDR Charges

MDR charges for business accounts has been waived off. After September 1, 2013, merchants can now accept payments from thier customers using Paytm Postpaid Pay Later.

However, Changes may not applied with all accounts, although it currently varies from 2% to 3%. There are standard techniques for removing the merchant discount rate from your Paytm business account. Let’s know How to remove MDR Charges from Paytm Postpaid.

How to remove MDR Charges from Paytm Postpaid

  • Go to You Paytm Business App.
  • Select Payment Soruces and charges from Side Menu.
  • Scroll Down and Turn off Paytm Postpaid.
  • Stay it off for 2 or 4 weeks (it usually takes time)
  • Now after 4 weeks, Turn it on again.
  • Paytm Postpaid MDR Charges will be Zero (FREE).

This is an easy method to get rid of paytm post marchent charges, if you run a Paytm business account then in this way you can free your MDR charges. Although official information does not confirm this trick, but it has been verified by many peoples.

Paytm stated that the funds accrued from MDR charges would help offset expenses necessary to sustain operations, including offering customer assistance, transaction processing, and creating novel capabilities. The company’s announcement further outlined plans to funnel the additional MDR fees towards pioneering novel techniques hopeful to enhance the quality of solutions afforded to its customers.

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Please note that Paytm Postpaid eligibility and credit limits are determined based on various factors, including your transaction history and creditworthiness. It’s always advisable to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with Paytm Postpaid before using the service.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with Paytm Postpaid, feel free to reach out to their customer support team. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of Paytm Postpaid for your shopping needs!

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