Paytm Postpaid Not Working on Merchants? Try this method for payments

After RBI guideline 06 December 2023, major changes were made in Paytm Postpaid, due to which customers are not able to make payments on Merchants up to the Credit Limit, customers say that they are facing the problem of Paytm Personal Loan Not Working for the last few weeks. After January 1, 2024, many accounts with Aditya Birla Lander are no longer able to use their credit anywhere.

RBI guideline updates

The news from Lending Partner Aditya Birla Finance Ltd on Paytm Postpaid is that the company has decided to reduce its loan disbursement on small loans. The reason for this is the increase in risk weight for retail loans by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Following the new guidelines of RBI, Paytm will have to reserve more capital on small loans. This will increase the company’s costs and reduce its profits. Therefore, Paytm has decided to reduce its loan distribution on small loans.

A spokesman for Aditya Birla Finance said, “As per RBI guidelines, we are introducing a new approach to provide our customers with postpaid credit limits. According to thier plans, we will grant our customers a postpaid credit limit after assessing their financial situation.

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#Method 1: Reach Paytm Support

The first way is to go to Paytm Help & Support and raise a ticket. In this, you can share your problems with the Support Team.

#Method 2: Deactivate your postpaid account

If you are not able to use your limit anywhere then the best way is to close your Postpaid Account and start it again.

How to Close Paytm Postpaid Account

  • To Deactivate Paytm Postpaid, first you have to go to Paytm App.
  • Click on the Profile Icon and go to Help & Support.
  • Scroll down and Select Paytm Postpaid.
  • Start Chat And select for Deactivate Paytm Postpaid Account.

Will Paytm stop postpaid loans completely?

No, Paytm will not stop postpaid loans completely. The company will still disburse loans on small loans, but its priority will be on high value loans.

Rahul Singh, a Paytm postpaid user, said, “Aditya Birla Finance’s Paytm postpaid account is not working from December. After the RBI guidelines, I am not able to do any postpaid transactions.”

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