14 Best Places To Visit In Kauai

Published By Anil Patil

Make the most of Kauai's resort hotels, restaurants and airports in Hawaii

1. Waimea Canyon State Park

It is a cultural heritage that consists of one of the state’s scenic gems which includes the deep and colorful gorge of Waimea Canyon. Home to a variety of wildlife animals.

2. Nã Pali Coast State Park

It is situated in the northwest of Kauai Park. It is famous for its scenic sea cliffs which are surrounded by beautiful valleys, streams, and spurting waterfalls.

3. Kilauea Point Lighthouse

Kilauea Point Lighthouse is an adoring site that has a huge significance because of its history, natural beauty, and location.

4. Wailua Falls

It is a waterfall which is situated in the prominent location of Kauai Island. It is a 173-foot waterfall that has also been featured in a television series.

5. Fern Grotto

Fern Grotto is an organic lava-rock grotto covered with lush green meadows and tropical foliage surrounded by the cold breeze of a waterfall.

6. Hanalei Bay

It is one of the largest bays situated on the north shore of Kauai Island surrounded by stunning natural beauty along with mountains and beaches in the background.

7. Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach is one of the coolest beaches on the island, perfect for activities like shelling, snorkeling, and scuba diving during summer.

8. Secret Beach

The hidden gem is situated on the northern shore of Kauai island i.e. Secret Beach. This beach is famous for its size and beauty.

9. Ke’e Beach

Ke’e Beach is one of the safest beaches situated on the island for performing various beach activities along with facilities that are available on the beach.

10. Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail

It is one of the beautiful heritage trails that stretches around the island over 2 miles along the southern coast of Kauai island.

11. Kauai Coffee Company

Kauai Coffee Company is one of the main tourist attractions on the island. It is one of the biggest coffee farmhouses in the United States.

12. Kauai Museum

It is one of the best places depicting the cultural history and diversity of the Kauai community in the past.

13. Lydgate Farms Kauai Chocolate

It is one of the oldest running farms which has been producing one of the premium chocolates in the world for the past many years.

14. Kuhio Beach Park

It is an ocean-side park for the public developed for the common gathering of the Honolulu population and tourists due to its scenic beauty.

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