15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Georgia

Publish By sahil chouhan

I can't describe it in one line but, you should visit Tbilisi for its architectural style.

1. Tbilisi

Best place for nature lover.

2. Kazbegi

Mountain Village best place for hiking and trekking.

3. Svaneti

The places to visit in Batumi,  Botanical Garden, Ali & Nino Statue, Batumi Piazza Square, Argo Cable Car एंड मच more 

4. Batumi

It was a city of caves, its 40000 sq. m. area is still left to explore.

5. Uplistsikhe

Beautiful place to visit the cave monastery site which was constructed in the 12th century

6. Vardzia

One of the country's four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is in Mtskheta (Georgia).

7. Mtskheta

Best reason for visiting Borjomi its natural mineral waters.

8. Borjomi

You can visit Kakheti by a rental car and take a overview of all famous places.

9. Kakheti

Must visit for caves, broken ruins, broken old buildings, ancient time monastery etc 

10. Davit Gareja

Best place to visit most isolated church and limestone rocks.

11. Katskhi  Pillar

Martvili Canyon is the best place to visit the beautiful waterfall and ride with a boat and nature is waiting for you which is amazing.

12. Martvili Canyon

Must see Golden Dome Church and Museum, because of this Rabati Castle is famous.

13. Rabati Castle

the longest urban whitewater course in the world river and Blue Heron Adventure Park.

14. Columbus, GA

Dahlonega is a small city in northern Georgia and famous for first MAJOR gold Rush in the US.

15. Dahlonega