Ballet dancer dies after eating mislabelled cookie, know detailed news

Published By Anil Patil

Orla Baxendale, a 25-year-old British dancer, died on January 11th after a severe allergic response to a mislabeled cookie purchased from Stew Leonard's.

Ballet dancer dies after eating mislabelled cookie:: The incident has caused outrage and revived calls for stronger food labeling laws to prevent future catastrophes.

In the United States, dancer Orla Baxendale died suddenly of a peanut allergy after eating a mislabeled cookie. 

The label contained no notice regarding peanut limitations, so Orla ate it unintentionally. He suffered a severe allergic reaction within minutes and was unable to be saved.

A young dancer named Orla Baxendale passed away in America after consuming a Stew Leonard's cookie due to a peanut allergy.

Baxendale did not know that the cookie label carried a warning about peanuts.

According to news sources, severe allergy symptoms include trouble breathing and facial swelling.

She was sent to the hospital, but unfortunately, docters could not be saved her life.

Concerns have been raised related to mislabeling responsibility.

The family demands justice and hopes for store labeling reform.