Becky G Journey from roots in Esquinas to Regional Mexican Music Inspiration

Becky G, the talented singer and songwriter, recently opened up about her struggles with pre-show anxiety and panic attacks.

She shared her experiences and how she learned to overcome them, inspiring many of her fans who may face similar challenges.

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Becky G released a new song called "Esquinas." The track is a fusion of regional Mexican music and showcases Becky G's versatility as an artist.

Growing up on the border between Mexico and the United States, she sang in Spanish and English, and "Esquinas" pays tribute to her Mexican heritage.

Becky G had the opportunity to perform at the renowned Coachella music festival, where she captivated the audience with her electrifying performance.

In an interview, Becky G discussed the process of creating her latest project, "Esquinas." She collaborated with producer Edgar Barrera and worked with talented Mexican artists to bring the vision to life.

Becky G's music video for "Esquinas" has been receiving positive feedback from fans and critics alike.

Apart from her musical endeavors, Becky G is also making waves in the fashion industry

Becky G has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts,

Becky G has become an inspiration to many aspiring artists, particularly young Latinx individuals.

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