Hostinger Affiliate Program Deactivated

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Published by Anil Patil

On 31 October 2023

I Promoted Hostinger Hosting by my affiliated link, and they added its balance. After a few days, my account was rejected.

Hostinger is a European web hosting company with 30 Million customers in over 178 countries. but its Affiliate Marketing experience with me was completely useless.

I was rejected due to not setting up the website URL, therefore, if you are also using the affiliate program on Hostinger then do it carefully.

How much is the Hostinger affiliate minimum payout?

On hosting promotion, Hostinger gives $100 via PayPal and $500 via bank transfer.

Which is the best Company for Hosting affiliates?

If your budget is tight, then you can You can go to cheap hosting, where you can get a reasonable commission rate.

So, Which one is the Hosting Registrar Company?