Introduce Kawasaki N250 And N300

A new motorcycle brand launched in 2022 by Keeway Motor Group, a sub-brand under Qianjiang.

N250 and N300 Unveiling

– Showcase the N250 and N300  as the latest offerings from MBP. – Highlight their similarities in design and slight variations in performance and markets.

Styling and Features

Discuss the design elements of the bikes, LED headlight, inverted forks, monoshock, and full-color TFT display.

Underpinnings and Build

Mention the front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, 17-inch wheels, and the premium look achieved with full-LED lighting.

Performance Overview

– Detail the powertrains of N250 and N300, both featuring single-cylinder engines. – Highlight the specifications of each engine, including power, torque, and top speed.

Weight and Accessibility

Discuss the bikes' approachable weight at 145 kilograms (dry weight) and estimate the wet weight.

Pricing and Availability

Mention that specific details regarding pricing and availability are yet to be announced by MBP.

Market Segmentation

Discuss the potential market segmentation, suggesting the N250 for Europe due to A2 licensing standards and the N300 for Asian markets to compete with established brands.

Riding Experience

Discuss the expected riding experience, highlighting the peppy and nimble nature promised by these lightweight, sporty bikes.

At the End ...

MBP's venture into the beginner segment and focuses on delivering accessible, quality motorcycles for novice riders.

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