Royal Enfield's Guerilla 450 and Goan Classic 350

Guerilla 450 Trademark

– Emphasise Royal Enfield's approval for the 'Guerilla 450' name trademark. – Speculate on the possibility of this name being linked to an upcoming motorcycle or variant.

New 450 Platform

– Discuss the significance of the new 450 platform introduced with the second-gen Himalayan. – Mention the inclusion of the twin-spar chassis and Sherpa 450 engine in various upcoming models.

Guerilla 450 Expectations

– Speculate on the nature of the Guerilla 450, potentially a roadster based on the new 450 platform. – Highlight the potential for enhanced performance due to the short-stroke, liquid-cooled unit.

Variant Possibilities

– Discuss the likelihood of a new variant of the Himalayan with a different color scheme. – speculation lacks official confirmation from Royal Enfield.

Trademark Strategy

– Explain the strategy behind trademarking names for future products or variants. – Discuss Royal Enfield's history of trademarking various names for potential use.

Other Trademarks

– Highlight other trademarked names by Royal Enfield like 'Flying Flea,' 'Interceptor Bear 650,' 'Roadster,' 'Cruzr,' 'Cafe Racer,' and more. – Mention the 'Re-own' and 'Constellation' trademarks, specifying their intended use.

Trademarking Practices

– Explain the industry practice of trademarking names well in advance for potential future use. – Clarify that trademark filings don't guarantee the definite launch of a product or variant.

Company Strategies

– Discuss Royal Enfield's use of trademarks, including 'Re-own' for their pre-owned motorcycle business. – Highlight how these strategies align with the company's business objectives.


speculation surrounding the 'Guerilla 450' trademark and potential implications. – Emphasize that while trademarks hint at future plans, official announcements from Royal Enfield are awaited for confirmation.