Shahzad Dana Was Arrested In Iran?

Shahzad Dana Was Arrested In Iran?

Published by Anil Patil

There have been reports of the arrest of Shahzad Dana, an Iranian aerospace engineer and researcher at TRTMspace, in Iran. According to news sources, He is also the creator of TToMoon.

Friends, There have been some rumors that Shahzad Dana has passed awayin iran, but his death are yet to be confirmed and his social seen active on 9th Oct 2022.

When Shahzad Dana was a child, he break and fix his own toys. He took out their parts and made new things from them. He did not go to school much, but read and bought books from the nearby library.

Lets know about his personal life, Shahzad Dana, born on May 21, 1992 in Iran, is an aeronautical engineer from Iran. He is 30 years old now.

He got a bunch of smart people together when he was 21 and named it TToMoon.

According to news, He entered Iran illegally on October 5, 2022 to play a role in the nationwide protests of 2022 Iran

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