Top 13 Places to Visit in Fort Worth, USA

Publish By Sahil chouhan

Jan 3, 2024

Sundance Square

This place is perfect for shopping, outdoor tours, and restaurant dates. The view around is eye-blooming.

Fort Worth Zoo

You can watch terrestrial and aquatic animals, with several other species in one zoo in Fort Worth.

Kimbell Art Museum

This museum has an old coin collection, paintings, and many more ancient things inside the Kimbell Art Museum.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

If you like to take a look at plants from various corners, you can visit this botanical garden. There are plenty of flowers, and trees around.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

This water garden looks beautiful during the night, and the water fountain makes it more highlighting.

Bass Performance Hall

This theatre in Fort Worth is amazing and you can spend your weekend in this huge performance hall.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

If you are looking for a Remington, Russell gallery with plenty of photography collection then this art museum is for you.

Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth has an eye-catching sight with fantabulous art collections.

Japanese Garden

You can embrace nature in its real form in this Japanese garden where you can find a full-fledged greenery garden.

Burger’s Lake

A perfect picnic spot to spend time with friends and family, chit-chatting in the evening at Burger’s Lake.

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

If you are a passionate photographer, then you can find a variety of animals and birds around this nature centre.

Omni Theater

If you are a passionate movie lover, then Omni Theater promises you a perfect theatrical experience.

St. Patrick Cathedral

If you are planning a wedding, then this church is a perfect wedding destination and they provide great services.