Top 14 Places to Visit in Bellevue

By Anil Patil

1. Kelsey Creek Farm

If you are planning for a romantic date, then this is the perfect spot. This farm is filled with ponies, goats, and other animals.

2. Bellevue Botanical Garden

This place has an attractive Japanese Garden and has lots of unique plants. Also, you can see a variety of fish.

3. Sammamish Lake

Sammamish Lake is a perfect spot where you can enjoy rowing, swimming, cycling, and much more. 

4. Mercer Slough Nature Park

This spot is perfect for fresh breeze, and blueberries, and also you can explore the place walking in shaded pathways.  

5. Chism Beach Park

This is the perfect spot to enjoy with your family and friends. Also, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, and much more.

6. Newcastle Beach Park

This place has an awesome view and you can create many romantic moments here. Also, you can swim and take sunbathe.

7. Bellevue Square

Fix a romantic date with your partner in the Bellevue Square Mall. Also, the place has popular restaurants around. 

8. Wilburton Hill ParK

This hilly park is the perfect picnic spot. Also, this spot is surrounded by greenery, and enjoy a fresh breeze. 

9. Downtown Park

Downtown Park is a great place for couples to spend time together, discussions, and walk freely. 

10. Bellevue Arts Museum

Bellevue Arts Museum is an iconic spot to enjoy crafts, arts, and other visual designs, and every age group can enjoy this place.

11. Bellevue Public Library

This library in Bellevue is the perfect spot to find unlimited knowledge. There are plenty of magazines, books, newspapers, and much more. 

12. Clyde Beach Park

Clyde Beach Park is the right location where you can enjoy services like a boathouse, and play area, and it’s a perfect picnic spot. 

13. Marketplace at Factoria

This spot is perfect for seamless shopping, with a variety of malls, and also there are a variety of dining corners. 

14. Haystack Antiques

Haystack Antiques is a right corner if you are an antique collector. It has plenty of Asian antiques to add to your collection.