Top 14 Places to Visit in Memphis, Tennessee

9 March 2024

1.  Shelby Farms Park

It is the largest urban park in the US. It is spread over approximately 4,500 acres. It is a great place for outdoor activities (hiking, biking, fishing, and horseback riding).

2.  Memphis Zoo

Various types of animals can be seen here. This is a very attractive and fascinating zoo.

3. Lorraine Motel

Lorraine Motel is one of the historic places. It was at this place that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

4. Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum

The special thing about Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum is that it is located inside a cave. Many objects from ancient times to modern times can be seen in the museum.

5.  Beale Street

Beale Street is famous for Blue music and Nightlife. If you are fond of places like Club or Bar then this is a better option.

6.  Shelby Farms Park

Sun Studio is one of the very old studios. Many famous artists and musicians have recorded their songs from here.

7.  National Civil Rights Museum

This place is special for the people living in America. Here they get detailed information about their rights. This is one of the important museums from the point of view of history.

8.  The Peabody Memphis

This is one of the luxurious hotels in Memphis. This hotel is no less beautiful than any palace. You can spend comfortable moments in this hotel.

9.  Orpheum Theater

Orpheum Theater is very ancient. The special thing about this theater is that very interesting types of art are displayed in it.

10.  FedEx Forum

If you are fond of playing then this place is going to be very special for you. This is a sports complex where you can enjoy many types of sports.

11.  Tom Lee Park

This is a beautiful park situated on the banks of a river. Children, adults and old people can all enjoy this park.

12.  Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid

Bass Pro Shops at the pyramid is a very unique shopping place. This shopping mall is located in Pyramid.

13.  Children's Museum of Memphis

If you want to impart knowledge to your children along with fun, then this museum would be a better option.

14. Memphis Museum of Science & History

The special thing about this museum is that you can get knowledge of both science and history.

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