Top 14 Places to Visit in Tacoma

Publish By Sahil chouhan

Jan 1,2024

 Foss Waterway Seaport

This marine heritage gives you a memorable experience. The ships, and boats around this Seaport look mesmerizing at night.

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

If you are looking to spend time watching something unique in Tacoma then visit the partially covered footbridge.


If you are a car lover then visit LeMay- America’s Car Museum in Tacoma and you can watch more than 350 variety cars.

Tacoma Art Museum

This museum is the right place to celebrate vacation and it has popular art with more than 4500 artwork and glass art.

Owen Beach

A great evening can be spent with your group of friends, partying, and chit-chatting at this beautiful Owen beach.

Ruston Way Waterfront Walk

Best spot to spend time having a picnic with your better half by walking, and gazing at the beautiful neighbourhood.

Mt. Rainier Hike

If you are new to hiking, then Mt. Rainier hike is the perfect spot for beginner hikers.

The Gig Harbor Gondola

Perfect spot to spend time with friends and family around the harbour. This harbour has plenty of restaurants around it.

Tacoma Nature Center

The 71 acres of urban oasis on this nature centre is the highlighting spot in Tacoma with surrounding greenery.

Wright Park

This place has plenty of trees, beautiful flowers, sculptures, and a small lake. The atmosphere around here is peaceful.

Museum of Glass

If you are passionate about art, then this museum is dedicated to glass artists where you can watch live art making.

Stadium High School

The stadium high school was built back in 1891 as a hotel and later used as a high school, People are allowed to take a look around it.

Fort Nisqually

Fort Nisqually is a living museum where you can visit with your family and friends. The place has plenty of unique things to watch.

Point Defiance Park

The right spot for kids to watch an aquarium, zoo, marina, boathouse, and many more at a single point.