Couple can spent time on Iconic Landmark, like Statue of lberty Times Square Central Park and many more.

New York

Top 10 weekend getaways for couples in USA

Los Angeles is Famous for couple they can enjaoy Beautiful beach, Sunset View and can do activity like valleyball on beach and more thing.

Los Angeles

Big Sur is popular for its natural beauty, couples can enjoy hiking trails and indulge in dining experiences.

Big Sur

Aspen is famous for rock mountain and snowboarding facility, couples can enjoy and feel the nature.


The best places for couples in Harpers Ferry are Jefferson Rock and The Point Overlook, which is located where the two rivers meet.

Harpers Ferry

Santa Barbara is famous for its wide sandy beach, couples can enjoy the sunset dining scene and waves on the beach.

Santa Barbara

Sedana is popular for its red rock and natural beauty. Couples can go to Red Rock Park and take selfies.


Famous for beach and lighthouse and picturesque beauty. 

Marth's Vineyard

Located in Northern California, it is most popular for world-class wineries and vineyards couples can enjoy sampling free wine tastings.

Napa Vally

You can go here with your partner on holidays and this Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room and Adventure